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Chimney Sweep

The best way to reduce the risk of chimney fires is to hire our company to perform a chimney sweep. Our workers take every precaution needed to do the job correctly while being as efficient as possible, leaving your chimney working properly. The thorough clean our workers perform deals with any buildup your chimney may have, reducing fire risks and the possibility of contaminants spreading throughout your home.

Chimney Repair

There are many ways your chimney can start to deteriorate and suffer from damage, and when these things happen, it can cause significant damage to your home. A damaged chimney can’t extract fumes efficiently, which in turn lets them circulate inside your home. These fumes aren’t only a fire hazard but also a detriment to your health. We can repair your chimney and make sure these troubles don’t show up again any time soon.

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There aren’t many other companies that can compete with our services’ level and the accessibility of our prices. You don’t need to look anywhere else as there isn’t a better choice for chimney sweeps, inspections, repairs, and fireplace replacements than us. Our company’s success hinges on our services’ integrity and our focus on pleasing every customer we’ve had. 

Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspections are a necessary process that should take place once a year to ensure they’re working correctly. A chimney that’s inefficiently working is a safety issue for everyone inside your home. Some inspections can conclude that cleaning is necessary to guarantee that it continues working as intended. Hiring professionals to help perform a chimney inspection can inform you of any severe problem before becoming dangerous and lets you prevent them. 

Fireplace Replacement

Installing a fireplace isn’t something that everybody can do because there are many regulations in place to make sure it’s safe for your home. Don’t try to do it yourself and contact our qualified technicians to guarantee a safe fireplace installation or replacement. Whether it’s a wood fireplace or a gas fireplace, we can install or replace it expertly without issues and give your house that upscale look it deserves.

About Us

If you’re looking for a company that provides quality chimney and fireplace services in the Seattle metropolitan area, then our team at Hunts Chimney Sweep & Repair can help you. Our company’s primary goal is to give your family an excellent service that guarantees your safety at home. 

The Hunts Chimney Sweep & Repair team is committed to giving a reliable and outstanding service with extraordinary passion. We want to ensure you know you’ve made the right decision when contacting us and ease any worry you may have regarding your chimney and fireplace.

Do you need excellent professional help to service and maintain your chimney and fireplace in the Seattle metropolitan area? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Here at Hunts Chimney Sweep & Repair, we offer various chimney and fireplace services, including chimney sweep, repair, inspection, and fireplace replacements. Get in contact if you need our experienced and trusted workers to help you in any of these matters.

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